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The control room has been built on the Non-Environment principle. The main wall is maximally reflective and other than for a hard floor, all the other room surfaces are fully absorbent.

 The principle sought to drive the loudspeakers into something approximating an anechoic termination. With the monitors set flush into the front wall it would act as a baffle extension, but it could not reflect sound from the loudspeakers because they were radiating away from it. The wall would, however, in concert with the floor and equipment surfaces, provide life to the speech and actions of people within the room, thus relieving any tendency for the rooms to feel uncomfortably dead.


Our control room is a very critical, consistent listening room and it is perfect for any kind of music being recorded or reproduced, allowing the recording engineer, artist and producer to make final decisions without the needing for listening to their work at home, in the car or on any other media and find out details and incongruences not heard while in studio.

A selection of high end gears, from EMT, SSL, Api, Neve, Avalon Design, IGS, Lexicon including a 40 channels D&R Marilon console, a microphone locker including Royer, Neumann, AKG, Blue, EV, Shure assures accurate recordings in every situation. 

Finally, our control room has two large glasses allowing you to have a clear visual over the live room as well as the booth.


In a few words this a fantastic room to work in.


A large recording room, with 70m2 (753ft2) of space and tall cathedral ceilings touching 6 meters (20 feet) makes this space perfect for any recording situation, from acoustic instruments, drums, to a full band, choir or orchestra.


The live room has been acoustically tuned to achieve an equal reverberation time across all frequencies, allowing for detailed and balanced recordings.

In this room you will find a beautiful Yamaha C3 Grand Piano and instruments like drums, basses, guitars and amps. Other instruments like the african rain shaker, percussions from other traditions and cultures add a special flavour to this room.


A nice and intimate booth of about 4m2, perfect for dry recordings like vocals, voice over as well as instruments when needed.

From the vocal booth you will have ample visual over the control room making the interaction between the artist, engineer and producer its best.