Create a record now a days can be easily done at home on a laptop.

This is a great advantage because it means that creativity and inspiration have no limits.

However, accurate and detailed listening is crucial and difficult to be achieved

in a home environment and sometimes also in professional ones.


For this purpose, we’ve designed an innovative, practical and affordable service called Listening.

You can now hire 77 Sound Studio professionally designed, sonically tuned listening room and together with our expertise we will help you get a sonic reference on your project.



Sometimes it’s important to be able to play your record for business people in the right environment. 77 Sound Studio can also help you make an impact by having your listening session in rooms that have been designed just for that purpose.



Any Genre, Any Style


audio recording

Special 77 Sound Studio recording packages can be customised to the exact requirements of your projects and all at affordable prices. Our facilities are well equipped for sound recordings of many kinds and we give great importance to comfortable and inspiring environment.


Every company needs good marketing, promotion and a memorable key element for which it’s known and successful. 

Jingle writing is about finding your identity and communicate your message through music.

We work close with you to find the best approach for your marketing goal and deliver your message to the right people.


Once each instrument and sound has been captured at its best, it’s time to “put it all together”.

Each element in a song has to have balance and depth to best reproduce what we heard in the studio while the musicians where performing. Mixing music is the art of making it sound real, achieving a natural and dynamic performance.

Mastering is really that last step, fine tuning on a mix already sounding at its best making a record a 100% final product.


Offering up to 7.1 surround post production services including: 

recording, editing, scoring, mixing, audio restoration and enhancement, sound design, narration (voiceover), Foley and ADR.


Producing great records is the key to succeed with your own music and make the difference. 

We work close with the artists to help them achieve their musical vision and goals and turn it into a high quality, final product. 

Producers working at 77 Sound Studio are well rounded in the realms of songwriting, composing and programming. We can cover music styles from pop music, Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Country and Beat production for rap and Hip-hop music.

room rental

Do you need a place to rehearse? Or you simply can’t study your loud instrument at home?

Do you want to gain some live experience or simply want to make an event at a great location?


We offer daily or hourly rental of our Live Room offering 70 square meters of available space, PA, microphones, instruments and all that you might need!

Available is also a complete kitchen and relax area.


Once your music is mixed and mastered, the next step is to distribute and market your music, reach your fans worldwide and be heard.

We help you plan the best strategy for your music and networking to achieve the best possible response, make money and keep track of your growing fan base.


Wether you need a complete CD booklet or a simple flyer we can help you with your design ideas.


Here at 77 Sound Studio you will also find the possibility to professionally record your music video, suited exactely for your needs and budget.

From simply filming your performance in our recording studio to a complete music video, contact us for a quote.