How to record your music on a budget?

Small recording budget?…Contact us anyway!


If you have a small budget for your project, no worries, we are confident that you can still afford our professional services and get your music to sound great! 

Our standard studio rates are already very competitive and affordable so contact us and let us know a bit about you, your music, budget and goals!



FREE consultation for your music


I think one of the biggest pitfall is not understanding how your record/song begins. I mean, why can’t we compare our music with great artists even after dedicating so many hours on writing our music?

The answer is, we don’t ask for an expert opinion and we did not BEGIN with the right steps. Only so we can make our music sound just as great as is in our head and heart!

We offer payed consultations as a standard at 77 Sound Studio but to gain your trust we offer you a first FREE consultation on your music before take your music further with us.

Music Consultation includes:

  • critical listening of your music
  • music production analysis
  • help with your current session setup
  • suggestions on what are the next steps



FREE price quote for your project


Not sure what it can cost you to have your music professionally produced, recorded, mixed or mastered by us?

Upload your song file for a FREE quote on your work. We will also include some FREE tips on how to get your music to sound great.


Why send your song to us for a quote?

  • It's FREE :-)
  • you’ll gain a better understanding of what your music can sound like
  • we will be able to tailor the exact offer for your project
  • we will be giving you different options on how to realize your project
  • you get a chance to understand how you can improve your songs
  • you save money and time
  • you get Free tips from the Pro's
  • Its 100% Secure - your music will be kept private only for our producers and engineers and will be deleted after the evaluation from your computer




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