our vision

We started this recording studio looking at the needing of the musician and the recording industry of Today.

Talent can not be fully expressed at home due to limitations like gears, rooms, experience in the recording field.

However, time in a professional recording studio can become an important sum of money and be out of people’s possibility.

Our goal is to set us apart form the others. We deliver high quality music and recordings accessible to everyone, with fair studio rates, supporting you from an idea to the final product, all this under the same roof.


Whether you’re a single musician, band or a company looking to promote your business through Jingles, be sure to contact us.


our team

Luca fina



Our music production specialist Luca Fina will be glad to take on your musical creation. He can help you with songwriting, creating Jingles or audio logo, mixing and mastering, sound design or whatever work is related to music.

Luca graduated from Berklee College of Music (USA) in April 2013 with a Master degree in Music Production and Guitar.

He was born in Italy in June 1987 and he currently works as an active music producer and guitar player.

Before his time at Berklee, Luca attended for 10 Years the Academy of Modern Music in Italy where he studied Guitar and Music Theory.

In addition to the Academy of Modern Music, he studied 3 years the Cello, Classic Piano, Classic Music Theory and Solfeggio at the Conservatory of Music in Piacenza (Italy).

Since over five years, he has been collaborating with artists and producers, including London based producer Steve Williams (Sting, Britney Spears, Seal). Luca has won an European song competition which brought Mary Keey, artist he currently produces to tour in New York, USA.

His passion is create music and meet talented artists with which to collaborate and get inspired.

marion mächler



Marion made her Singer-Songwriter professional certificate in 2012 and studied Marketing at Berklee College of Music. Of course that was not her first step towards music. She plays the saxophone and took Voice and Songwriting lessons at an early age.  In the year 2010 Marion started her career under the artist name Mary Keey. Mary Keey is an EDM-Pop Project which reached great success in the United States. And brought Luca and Marion in 2012 to make a Tour in New York. Until today this project proceeds with great passion. Marion is working as a Songwriter as well as in the marketing Departement at 77 Sound Studio.




We offer a wide network of freelance musicians, producers, writers, graphic designers, video producers and all that you need for your music project and goals to be accomplished with the highest quality and within your timelines and schedules.