77 sound studio

Why choose 77 Sound Studio?

Well...we could write about how cool is to work here, how nice and spontaneous we are. We

could say stuff about how expensive our equipment is and how well tuned our rooms are but the

truth is that we’re sure if you come to 77 Sound Studio you’ll feel how great it is to work here and

how affordable our studio is. Like this, you don’t have to bother about high recording studio price

tag, just enjoy the progress of your work and why not take a good Coffee at our Cafeteria

meanwhile, our staff is working on your music.

We’re confident that once you come work at our studio, you’ll tell all your friends about us on

Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat and whatever social there is.

Life is actually that easy!...Perhaps this recording studio could speak for itself and we wouldn’t

ever have to think about sales.



Complete recording packages, from an idea of lyrics and music to complete album release and distribution.



An inspiring and relaxing ambience with rooms tuned for best music reproduction and recording.


Industry Standards

Industry standard recording studio equipment, assuring that your music and talent can be expressed at its best.


tailored offers

Excellent prices for your project, always suited for your needs and budget.



77 Sound Studio is a one-stop-shop recording studio providing everything you need

to accomplish your musical goals. 


We offer complete services: music and lyric writing, recording, mixing and mastering, post-production including voiceover & ADR, song distribution and graphic design, company branding through jingle writing, photography and video recording and a range of other complimentary music services.