30. Juli 2017
Ben Pryer to release Album!
22. Juni 2017
Wir machen uns stark zusammen mit Suisa und Swissperform und rufen auf diese Petition zu unterschreiben: https://www.prospartenradio.ch/
21. Juni 2017
77 Summer Give Away!
25. April 2017
Cris Rellah's cover song of Skin get into UK Viral Charts on Spotify!

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22. März 2017
10 best Songwriting Tipps 1. Make people care Imagine you play on a stage and people just walk away and don’t listen to your singing? Why do they do that? An audience should “care” about you and in order to do that they need to feel something. Whatever that feeling is it has to be stronger to than what they were doing before the moment you started singing. When you write a song you should be aware of that. Feel what you’re writing don’t just write because you have to put words to the...

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04. Januar 2017
How to Record your music - Why choose a professional recording studio for you rmusic. Why can't I record and work at home?

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28. November 2016
Beautiful Grand Piano arrives at 77 Sound Studio This beautiful Yamaha C3 Grand Piano shines in the live room Yesterday, a great memorable day for 77 Sound Studio when this amazing Grand Piano arrived in our studio. We are so ecstatic to place this black beauty in our live room. This is an amazing grand piano, excellent for every genre you wish to record and we can’t wait for the first recording session featuring this wonderful piano. If you wish to book a recording session at 77 Sound Studio...
28. November 2016
In Dulliken wird am Samstag, 17.12.2016 mit einem Fest das neue 77 Sound Studio eingeweiht. Jedermann der interessiert ist, kann so einen Blick in die Welt der Musik und Tonaufnahmen werfen.